Getting Wild at Canoe

Canoe Wild is a unique dining event held for the past three years at Canoe Restaurant. This collaborative dinner from the minds of Alex Cruz from Société-Original in Montreal, Chef Anthony Walsh, and Chef John Horne, was created to showcase the love of wild game paired with unusual ingredients.

This is the third year for this event and priced at a $100 per person (including wine), you are treated to an amazing array of hors d’oeuvres and various courses that may amaze you at their uniqueness. You should know that John Horne, the Chef de Cuisine at Canoe, is a hunter and a fisherman and responsible for catching the delights we had at dinner. I admit some of the dishes were quite new to me but I was really surprised that I enjoyed the haggis! It’s the first time I’ve tried it and I ate every bite. But I also did not think about what I was eating. I just focused on the taste and whether I enjoyed it…I did! For those of you who may be cringing right now, don’t worry. If you are unable to eat certain things, the chefs are pros and extremely accommodating with restrictions. I always have a lactose issue and they don’t bat an eye about it. I so miss eating cheese.

Overall, I enjoyed the event a bit too much because I didn’t remember to take photos of everything like the roasted squirrel, the beautiful (and delicious) charcuterie platter containing moose pastrami, duck prosciutto, venison salami and sausage as well as the triffle served for dessert. My bad…

But I do hope you enjoy the photos I managed to take. The meal was 5 star in my book.

**Just to note, this is the second year I have I have attended this event and at my own expense. I just love good food and great events.**