Why Restaurants Should Also Cater to Singles on Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day and have always celebrated the day whether I’m in a relationship or not. At first it was just a day that I could overdose on chocolate free of any guilt. It’s evolved into a celebration of life, love and friendship with whomever I’m with, good friends, family or even just me.

So the day is approaching and I’ve been looking online for something scrumptious to treat myself with but the only menu that is being offered for one person is at Salt Wine Bar. While the menu looks delicious, unfortunately it’s only available for pick up and it’s too far from where I live. Bummer.

Life has been a struggle for all of us because things are so different. But as a person who doesn’t live with a roommate, partner, kids or a pet for some snuggles, I’ve been managing this isolotion with Zoom chats and phone calls to keep me sane. I think back to Valentine’s Day’s past: fancy meal out with my guy, a movie night on my own at home or a dinner and dance party with girlfriends – all fun times that I hope to experience again soon.

For now, we are staying home for our health and safety as we should! But if you count all the singles not in a relationship at the moment, those who are in the early stages of dating (including those on dating apps trying to a make match) and partners who have decided to isolate separately because they may be caregivers for a relative, there is a large segment of the population that would want to celebrate love to give them hope for when things open up again.

Valentine’s Day could have been like this: Me and my potential Bumble/Eharmony/Match date are dressed up (or down) having a romantic dinner by video that we didn’t have to make! A great restaurant put together a sexy meal that we are sharing separately but together. Can you feel the vibe right now as we eat, drink and flirt about all the possibilities? Can you picture the thousands of people online right now who would do this? That is a bonding moment and also something that isn’t going to happen for me because it’s fiction. It’s more likely I would order something decadent, popped open a bottle of champagne (because I am always stocked with champagne) and just savour each bite in celebration that I’m alive and life is going to get better soon. But that won’t happen either. Oh well.

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On a positive note, I did find one thing to perk me up this coming week. I purchased the Love Yours Mix & Sip package from Your Next-Door Neighbour Bartender, Mixing with Mero. According to his Instagram page, this box is for you to “Love yourself and where you are in life and everything else you deserve will follow.” This speaks to how I’ve been feeling. The box includes the ingredients for three DIY cocktails with recipe cards titled First Date, Situationship and Last Romantic. One includes instructions to spank your mint leaves. I’m looking forward to that!

And we need something to look forward too. We’ve endured a lot this past year and will continue to adapt and persevere. For the singles and those partnered, lets find one thing to toast to this Valentine’s Day. I plan to toast to all the possibilities to come.


  1. Yes! So well said and I couldn’t agree more. So many of us are committed to supporting local, yet many businesses are missing the opportunity to invite us in. A single but successful dinner menu, love for one, confident and casual. Who cares, get creative and offer both a couples menu and a singles menu. I love your thoughts, I hope restaurants are listening.

  2. Truth! I have never been a big fan of this fabricated money grab day personally, but there is sooo much opportunity and need within the valentines day market to cater to the single person. It wouldn’t even require anything new being developed, just tailor what is already in existence for the singles. As Lin Manuel has said “Love is, love is, love”. Single or not.

  3. Great points! Massive marketing and sales opportunity lost. What about all those people who are celebrating Galentine’s or celebrating with friends and family?? Buy a nice drinks/food/chocolate package have one delivered to you and the other to your friend and enjoy together digitally!

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