Capitel Nicalo Valpolicella

Did you know that Valpolicella is a region in Italy AND a type of wine? I didn’t. But as I explore the wine world, I’m surprised and delighted by my discoveries. For instance, this region is also the home of Amarone, a bolder, pricier yet delicious wine that I like to have for special dinners or occasions.

Valpolicella wine is a blend of three grapes: Corvina Verenese, Rondinella and Molinara.  I’m usually unsure about blends because I’m particular but I do appreciate them when winemakers find the right combination that tickles my taste buds. In my search for new wines, I picked up the Capitel Nicalo Valpolicella Superiore 2018 from the Tedeschi Estates and give it a try.

My first sip was like a tease of flavours. Is that cherry and it’s not bitter? (For years I’ve never liked cherries until I finally tasted sweet cherries grown in my friend’s backyard. Yum! I’ve always avoided them because I thought they were sour and bitter. Not true). Do I also taste blackberry and vanilla? Hmm. I liked the taste of this wine so my next sip was almost like a greedy gulp. I’m not an expert on figuring out the flavours so I appreciate the amount of studying sommeliers do in order to recommend wines in restaurants. What I do know is that this wine has a nice blend of dark fruit that is not overwhelming but smooth and balanced. As I continued to savour the nuances of the wine, the bottle was half empty and I had planned to have this with dinner. Of course I had to pour some more to make sure it went with my meal. Haha! 

I have now added this wine to my list of great anytime wines. It’s easy drinking, can pair with a variety of dishes, great taste plus affordable cost (less than $20).  I  won’t feel guilty enjoying this wine to sip or with food. One could easily pair this with pasta (with or without meat sauce), roast chicken, duck breast,  a nice juicy burger or even a steak (but you may want something bolder for steak). It’s also a great bottle to bring to a dinner party or even a game night. Saluti!

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