Ice Cuvee Rose

Bubbles aren’t just for celebrations. You can enjoy it everyday if you like but that may not be practical.  I use the word bubbles to include all sparkling wines like champagne, cava, and prosecco. I was at a party once and got into a disagreement with someone who did not believe me when I said that champagne is a sparkling wine. To clarify, it is! Champagne is a region in France. In order to protect their product,  process and reputation of producing their sparkling wine, the French put this into law. Only the sparkling produced in this region can be called champagne. But it is a sparkling wine just like cava is from Spain and prosecco is from Italy. You can read up on sparkling wines here.

I live about an hour and a half from the Niagara Region, located in Ontario, Canada and it has quite a few wineries. Many friends know how much I love champagne but one does not always have champagne money. I’ve enjoyed many sparkling wines but there is one particular bottle  that makes me feel very special every time I open it. It is the Ice Cuvee Rose from Peller Estates.

For wine connoisseurs, its made in the traditional method (the same method used in the Champagne region of France) and consists of a blend of 70 % Pinot Noir, 26.5% Chardonnay and 3.5 % Gamay Noir with a 100 ml of Vidal icewine. I think it’s one of the most unique sparklings I’ve ever had for this reason alone!

When I first started drinking wine, I would only drink the very sweet wines like icewine, muscato and gewurztraminer. My palate has changed over the years and I tend not to drink overly sweet beverages often. I find this light and fruity sparkler with a hint of sweetness delightful! I personally enjoy this for brunches, it’s perfect for rose all day and I begrudgingly share it with friends (kidding). For pairings, you can enjoy this with chesses, poultry, salmon or is lovely on it’s own.

No worries, if you don’t have anyone to share the bottle with. Just purchase a champagne bottle stopper (you’ll see it in the photo at the bottom right). It will keep the bubbles alive for up to three days – if you can resist out that long.

Ice Cuvée Rosé


  1. Thanks for the interesting points about sparkling wine. I’m not knowledgeable when it comes to wines. But this looks like something I must try!!! 😀 🥂 🍾

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