I love attending TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival for those not in the know). The city is full of energy, events and celebrities. Personally, I don’t attend the festival to see stars. I’ve always been in love with film…from the Oscar worthy to marvel comic blockbusters. I love a great story that makes me think, laugh, feel, or learn something new.

Last night, I attended the screening of Borg/McEnroe – the epic Wimbledon showdown from 1980. I’m not a tennis fan nor did I know the outcome of this match but I was aware of  the legendary McEnroe temper.  I was engrossed in the film and the stories of these talented competitors. Shia LaBeouf played John McEnroe quite well emulating his personality and intensity quite well. Sverrir Gudnason as Jurgen Borg was just damn great to watch on all fronts! Luckily both actors were in attendance on stage.

But my movie choices for the festival are not based on the celebrity factor. When planning, I try to avoid choosing alot of films that I know will be in the theatres in a few months and focus on the weird, wacky, unique, fascinating and downright scary. I still remember the movie Shrew’s Nest that was shown at the festival in 2014. I loved this Spanish film that was horrifying and captivating at the same time. Or last year’s Catfight starring Sandra Oh and Anne Heche in a knock down drag out physical fight. It was unbelievable to see these actresses go at each other! The best part was the two leading women were in the theatre talking about the film. This is what I love about the festival. You’ll see interesting stories and sometimes you have the opportunity to hear from the actors and directors about their vision, struggles and triumphs to make their movie.

The festival runs until September 17th and I have tickets for:  The Lodger’s, Molly’s Game, The Cured, The Ritual, and Gutland. I’m hoping to see a few more films if they release extra tickets but I’ll definitely be enjoying the aspects of the festival: the restaurants, people watching, (hopefully a party), and the street festival on King.

What are you watching?