Fetta Panini Bar

You may have heard that Toronto Pearson Airport has revamped its dining options for travelers.

Flying out of Terminal 1, I decided to stop at Fetta, a panini bar developed by Chef Mark McEwan but run by OTP Management, an airport food and beverage operator.

The menu features a selection of premade sandwiches that are grilled on order and also some entrées and appetizers plus cocktails, wine and beer.

I decided on one of the panini sandwiches so I can bring half on the plane with me. I’ve never enjoyed Air Canada’s meal offerings as noted in my previous post, Mile High Dining. My choice was the Clinton Street panini consisting of coppa, prosciutto, soppressata, provolone and antipasto.

Clinton Street Panini

Clinton Street Panini

On first sight, it seemed rather thin for a $16 sandwich, but this airport dining so I wasn’t shocked by the price tag. I liked the grilled bread and the slight saltines of the ham but didn’t taste much of the antipasto. I was wondering if they just forgot to add  it so I asked the server. He assured me it included antipasto. I decided to open it up to take a look to be sure.

A peek inside the sandwich.

A peek inside the sandwich.

I was wrong. As you can see there is a bit of antipasto but I honestly thought it came with more. As I was still sitting in front of the convenient iPad that you order from, I looked up the sandwich that I ordered.

Clinton Panini Photo from Fetta

Clinton Panini Photo from Fetta

I see a slight difference between the sandwich I received and the one in this picture, don’t you? I definitely see tomatoes on the bottom.

I showed the photo the server and he said that it was just a stock photo. The sandwiches are never served like that.


I did like the sandwich and think it is a nice addition to the choices of dining at Pearson but I would appreciate knowing exactly what I ordered especially if there is a picture of it.

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